With the twill:make:singleton command you can generate a singleton module.

A singleton is similar to a module, except that with a singleton only one model can exist in the database.

A singleton can be used for a homepage or for example a contact page.

The functionalities are exactly the same as that of regular modules. But they are registered a bit differently.

After generating your singleton via the command mentioned above, a new entry will be added to routes/twill.php.

2use A17\Twill\Facades\TwillRoutes;

If you receive an error when visiting the singleton, you might have forgotten to run the seeder that is mentioned when generating the singleton. php artisan db:seed ModuleNameSeeder

If the singleton is not yet seeded when you visit the admin panel, by default Twill will automatically take care of the seeding.

You can disable this behavior by setting twill.auto_seed_singletons to false.